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HPC Meeting With Political Parties Faced Plenty of Criticisms

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2018)

The High Peace Council (HPC)’s meeting with political circles and Jihadi leaders that were gathered to discuss peace has faced the criticisms of parties’ representatives.

The lack of a comprehensive and efficient plan for peace, the high level of expenditures to hold meetings and issuing ineffective fatwas by the scholars of the Islamic countries, along with a backdrop in regional consensus were the main cases of the meeting.

“I suggest the council to refer to the people’s votes that if they accept your plans or not,” Omar Dawoud Zai, a leadership member of Herasat and Subat Council.

Ambiguity in some of the government’s movements was the other challenge noted in the meeting.

“Unofficial talks have been held scattered and repeatedly so far and nearly 400 Afghani passports were issued for Taliban. All of this have been done through this process,” Amrullah Saleh, the former chairman of national security and head of the Green Process added.

Political parties called the lack of coordination between the government and the High Peace Council in talks with Taliban is a challenge for peace talks and stressed that the peace talks should be conducted without any direct intervention from countries in the region and beyond.

“The resistance front is not opposite to peace. We support clear compromises and goals. Our understanding is that Afghanistan’s war is not an Afghan war and is not ongoing by Afghans,” Muhammad Younis Qanoni said.

Political parties urged the government to stop politicization and ethnicization of peace and use the views and advice of all factions for the stability of Afghanistan.

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