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HPC Drafts 5 Year Peace Policy to Invite Terrorists into Peace

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2017)

CaptureHigh Peace Council (HPC) members have urged that 5 year peace policy drafted to have the terrorists not linking the Pakistan Inter Intelligence Services (ISI) to join peace process with the Government of Afghanistan, after lots of efforts  made on negotiations with Hezb-i- Islami Led by Gullbuddin Hekmatyar to join peace process.

High Peace Council Deputy Chief AbdulKhabir Ochqon said, “Taliban commander Mullah Rasoul has given peace messages saying that negotiation is the only solution for Afghanistan peace and stability, not war, we hope to see Mullah Rasoul to present on peace negotiation.”

Afghan military veterans believed that Afghanistan war will not end if the regional countries and world do not agree.

Military expert Atiqullah Amarkhail said, “Afghanistan peace does not relate to Afghans, those who enforced war into this country can ensure peace and Taliban are not independent to decide about peace into Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile Prefessor Ikram Arifi said, “If US doesn’t want peace to be ensured in Afghanistan, Pakistan cannot do anything, Afghanistan’s peace needs the world diplomacy to see peace and stability in their country.”

Afghans has been waiting to see their county full of peace and stability for years but it seems that Afghanistan peace depends on the countries in the region and world to agree on ensuring peace in Afghanistan.

Reported by: Ahmad Farshad Saleh

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