HPC Chief Promises to ‘End or Reduce’ War in Coming Year

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2018)

Mohammad Karim Khalili, Chairman of Afghanistan’s High Peace Council (HPC) on Wednesday claimed that the Council is having important peace plans with the Taliban insurgent group in the upcoming year to end or reduce the ongoing violence in the war-torn country.

“We will take big steps in the upcoming new year to end or reduce the war in the country and the next year will be a good year,” Khalili said.

In addition, the official urged senior government officials to support peace efforts to stabilize the country.

Recently, President Ashraf Ghani offered an unprecedented peace offer to the Taliban group during a international conference in Kabul attended by 25 countries and international organizations. in Kabul were among the suggestions to the insurgent group to end the 16-year war in the country.

Meanwhile, a number of tribal elders today announced their support for the government peace proposal.

“All Afghans including the tribal elders and the common people don’t want this war, but unfortunately the war is imposed by foreigners over the Afghans,” Abdul Khaliq Hussaini, a tribal elder from eastern Afghanistan said.

“Our wisdom says war is ugly. We believe that finally we should set in the table for peace talks and accept each others like two brothers,” Mohammad Hassan Haidari, deputy of Bayat Tribal Council said.

In another meeting, the Minister of Borders and Tribal Affair, Gul Agha Shirzoy said that a national consensus is created for launching peace talks in Afghanistan.

He announced that his ministry will establish a large tribal Jirga in consultation with High Peace Council, the Presidential Palace and tribal elders to bring peace in the country.

Indonesia and Uzbekistan have also scheduled to hold two separate meetings to discuss the ongoing violence in the war-torn nation.

But Taliban have called for the scholars to boycott Indonesia peace talks.

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