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HPC Announces Preparation for Legitimate Reconciliation with Taliban

(Last Updated On: December 25, 2017)

The High Peace Council (HPC) has announced readiness for any legitimate agreement and reconciliation with the Taliban group.

HPC held a consultation meeting with a number of religious scholars from across the county to find practical ways to achieve lasting peace and end the war.

“Now, practical and promising measures are underway for starting an official talk with the armed opposition groups,” said Karim Khalili, chairman of HPC.

The HPC senior officials stressed that the council is ready for bargaining on any issue with the armed Taliban group.

“We are ready for any kind of agreement. Opening an office or the withdrawal of foreign troops are the issues that can be discussed. They can share any of their demands that we can find a solution,” said Akram Khaplwak, HPC head of secretariat.

However, a former member of Taliban group, Abdul Salam Zaeef said the High Peace Council is not an independent institution and called for a specific address for talks with Taliban.

“We cannot call HPC a neutral council, but it is a good address for peace,” Zaeef added.

This comes as the very fact that the representatives of the Afghan Foreign Ministry participate the quadrilateral peace meetings between the Afghanistan, Pakistan, U.S. and China, on one hand shows that the Afghan government does not trust the council and on the other hand it explains the council’s role in the Afghan peace process.

On the other hand, no remarkable change has occurred in the structure of the HPC and still it seems that the positions in this council is being offered as political bribe.

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