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Horrifying excuse used by thieves to steel houses in Kabul

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2016)


The counter-terrorism department of Kabul has arrested a group of thieves that stole houses in excuse of vaccine; even in some cases they killed people.

“Among the detained group, there are men and women who entered houses by the name of vaccinator and have stolen many houses in the capital,” said Feraidon Obaidi, chairman of counter-terrorism department.

Obaidi noted that people’s efforts caused the level of arresting criminals increases by 30 percent.

He accepts the rise of threats against traders and businessmen and involvement of neighboring countries in these threats.

Disorder and uncertainty in the country have influenced the crime rate to a large extent. The growing rate of crimes in the capital Kabul is one of the most evident examples.

Since last seven years, the graph of criminal cases increases in the country.

Unluckily, Afghanistan is one of the same types of countries that suffer from weak law-enforcement system.

Though there has been much development in this regard, serious concerns still prevail and raise questions about the system.

The police force in Afghanistan is still in the preliminary stages and it really requires years of attention and support to reach to a truly professional stage.

There are many areas in the country where the police do have enough penetration and where they cannot reach to crimes and criminals.

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