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Higher Goals of Insurgents Defeated: MoD

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2015)


 Officials in Ministry of Defense have insisted that Afghanistan Air forces have significantly developed, efforts are underway to equip it with advance.

They have said,” we have targeted high profile goals of the insurgents and they were neutralized on the spots and soon we will take action or retaking of those 4 districts fell down into Taliban’s Hands.”

Fundamental work for Afghanistan air forces is the main desires of the officials in Ministry of Defense.

Lt Gen, Mohammad Dawran said,” improving program for Afghanistan air forces will begin at the end of 2015, efforts are being pushed by the President Ghani to fill the gaps by having jet fighters in the near future.”

Based on the Ministry of Defense military operations schedule there are 14 military operations are being carried by the Afghanistan National Army forces to clear insurgents across the country.

MoD Lt Gen Fazel Aman said,” total 4 districts are being controlled by Taliban from total districts at the entire country.”

Acting department of Finance and Technical in Ministry of Defense Lt Gen Mohammad Nabi Ahmadzai said,” there is clear policy for supply in place, contracts which were cleared out of corruption 1 billion 335 million Afghani were returned to the Government treasury,the following money is payable on its time.”

195,000 Afghan National Forces have significantly developed and advanced a question still remains that when do Afghan air forces to own jet fighters for defeating enemies.

Reported by Wahid Nawisa

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