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High Peace Council Members Attend Omar’s Mourn Should be Executed: CSA

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2015)


A number of civil society activists have insisted that those Afghan peace council members attended Mullah Omar’s mourning should be executed,their participation explains  joint cooperation with Taliban against the Afghan Government ,demanding the Government to clear its position.

The Afghanistan civil society expressing concerns on the following event saying the Government is responsible to consider Afghanistan’s interests,should execute those who are not loyal to Afghan Nation ,let the bloods of Afghan security forces and Afghan National not to be made funny.

After the Afghan Government has confirmed the death of Mullah Omer the Taliban leader,his pro supporters have held mourning for their late leader in Kabul the capital city of Kabul.

Now the Afghan National Directorate NDS during a press release has ban all types of mourning for the leader of the Taliban Mullah Omar in Afghanistan.

CEO office has also insisted on those who have participated in the funeral ceremony of the Taliban leader held in Kabul.

Acting head of High Peace Council,”Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar’s activities will be recorded within the History.”

Afghan civil society activist Abdullah Ahmadi said,” we demand the Government to adopt necessary measurements on arresting those holding funeral ceremony for Mullah Omar the Taliban leader was held in Kabul,any exaggeration and support for Taliban is counted crime.”

Some of the civil society activists insisted on cancellation of the Afghan high peace council saying they are receiving free salaries and no positive impacts made during their life on pushing peace talks with Taliban.

 Head of the civil society activists Aziz Rafiee said,” the delays on publishing press release by the Government of Afghanistan was not clear policy on friends-Enemies,the Afghan Government hasn’t been capable to determine its friends and Enemies yet.”

When the death of Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar publicized a number of Kabul resident including the high peace council seniors have held the funeral ceremony of the Mullah Omar in Kabul city,after that NDS in Afghanistan has announced that Mullah Mohammad Omar the Taliban leader from the beginning till today,his hands has been involved in pouring Afghan innocent bloods,mentioning that any sympathy and cooperation to his death is an insult to thousands bloods poured by his followers.

Reported by: Farah Naz Frotan

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