Hezb-e- Islami Calls USA, Canada, Britain to Remove Sanction on Hekmatyar

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2017)

2After the United Nations Security Council removed Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s name from its sanction list, now the special envoy of the Hezb-i- Islami Mohammad Karim Amin called the USA, Canada and Britain to remove the Hekmatyar’s name from the sanction lists.

Chief of negotiation of Hezb-i- Islami Mohammad Karim Amin said, “Now there is no barrier for not removing the Hekmatyar’s name from sanction lists, we hope to see USA, Canada, and Britain to remove our leader’s name from the sanction lists.”

The representative of Hezb-i- Islami also stated that a number of its fighters will come with the Hekmatyar to Kabul and will stop fighting, further he mentioned that coming of Hekmatyar into Kabul is related to releasing of the Hezb-i- Islami prisoners from the Afghanistan jails.

“There groups waiting to stop fighting and put their guns on the grounds, if the draft presented to the Government of Afghanistan are implemented, 50 percent of war in Afghanistan will be decreased.” Chief of negotiation of Hezb-i- Islami Mohammad Karim Amin said.

Mutual peace agreement between the Government of Afghanistan- Hezb-i- Islami was signed 6 months ago, United Nations Security council removed Hekmatyar’s name from its sanction list last Friday, Hekmatyar has fought for 40 years in Afghanistan after victory of the Mujahidin in Afghanistan, the argument rose between the Jihadi leaders over occupying power and he avoided to come to Kabul, further the Human rights commissions accused him as human rights law breaker.

Reported by: Fawad Nasiri

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