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Herat Primary Court Sentences Five Men To Death

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2016)

3In a open session the Herat primary court judges have sentenced 5 suspects including the Herat provincial council member Mohammad Askar Anwary for kidnapping and killing cases to death, the other two suspects each one sentenced from one up to 11 years in prison.

The Herat primary court has reviewed 7 suspected kidnapping and killing cases on Monday in open session, and the order was released after hearing the indictment was read by the judicial delegation.

Head of the Herat primary court Mohammad Shoaib Ibrahimi announced the legal order based on the 6,9,12 articles Law on the campaign against abduction and human trafficking and with respect to article 395 on Afghanistan penal code each one Mohammad Zaher son of Mohammad Yousuf, Temorsha son of Haji Abdullah Haji Askar son of Mohammad Anwar for kidnapping of Mohammad Shah Aimaq whose kidnapping ended to his death is sentenced to death.

The other two were sentenced from 1 up to 11 years jail whom was arrested with the same crimes committed.

At the end of the open session held in the primary court at Herat the lawyers have criticized the judgment was not fair, claiming that the judges should have listened to what we presented as reasons to the session.

Lawyer Ahmad Nawid Zairatjayee said,” Law states that the court should have review and listen to the lawyer’s reasons.”

“The court has unfairly announced its decision on the cases without considering and reviewing the whole cases from the beginning lawyer John Mohammad Faqiri said,”

The criticism of the lawyers comes after that the victim’s relatives are seemed to be satisfied what the Herat primary court has done today.

Reported by Muhsin Karimi

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