Helmand Peace Convoy Sends Bloodstained Letter to UN

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2018)

The Helmand Peace March activists on Wednesday sent a bloodstained letter to the office of the United Nations in protest to the interference of Pakistan in Afghanistan’s affairs.

The members of Helmand peace convoy say they stained the letter with blood to showcase Pakistan as a harmful country which involves in the war and shedding the blood of Afghan people for years.

“We just write one sentence in the white paper. We are drowned in blood because of your government (Pakistan), your army and your intelligence,” the leader of the Peace March Iqbal Khyber said.

According to the peace convoy, all of the embassies in Kabul have committed cooperation for peace except Pakistan.

“They are too immoral that did not welcome us; even they did not come out of the embassy. Their silence indicates that our claims are true,” Khyber added.

Abdul Ghani, another member of the convoy from Logar has joined the march to cry out for peace.

“After embassies in Kabul, we will move toward Mazar-e Sharif and Herat and other provinces,” Ghani told Ariananews.

The peace activists said they would start sit-in near the embassy of Iran after handing over the letter to UN.

“Our next move is to sit in near the Iran embassy. Our message to Iran is that you drink our water, but why do you kill us?” Muhammad Nizkzad, another member of the peace march asserted.

The peace convoy has held sit-in protests outside the embassies of U.S., Russia, Pakistan and UN office in Kabul so far.

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