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Hekmatyar’s Campaign Supporters Hold Rally in Kabul

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2019)

The Peace and Islamic Justice electoral ticket led by presidential candidate Gulbudin Hekmatyar held protest rally against “election fraud” in Kabul city on Friday.

Addressing the marchers, Gulbudin Hekmatyar stated that any government imposed ‘illegally’ on Afghan people will not be acceptable for them.

“We and a number of political parties and electoral tickets have committed to firmly stand against fraud and we will never accept a president who wins through fraud, bribery and betrayal,” said Hekmatyar.

Moreover, the presidential candidate also stressed that a wide-spread and organized fraud took place on the Election Day.

“We participated in the election despite the fact that our rivals had authority and could use governmental facilities all across the country,” Hekmatyar said. “1.2 million fraudulent votes were cast by our rivals on the election day.”

He also warned that his team will continue wide protests all over the country if their “legitimate” demands are not addressed by the Independent Election Commission (IEC).

This comes as supporters of Abdullah Abdullah’s ticket, also held protests in several province during the last two weeks.

On Friday, Abdullah’s supporters marched in Kapisa, Nangarhar and Bamiyan provinces.

Protesters also disrupted the vote recount process in seven provinces, citing “transparency”.

They are calling for invalidation of 300,000 controversial votes, votes that they believe are “non-biometric and fraudulent.”

The Afghan Presidential Election was held on September 28 across the country. The IEC has repeatedly failed to announce the preliminary results due to technical problems and widespread protests.

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