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Hekmatyar to officially begins talks with Afghan Gov’t : HPC

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2016)


Officials in High Peace Council HPC have stated that the Hezb-i- Islmai party Gulbuddin Hekmatyar is willing to begin talks with Afghanistan Government officially.

However scores of Afghan political experts have believed that Hetmatyar is not honest, his policy to talks with Afghanistan Government is derived from Pakistan ISI policy towards Afghanistan.

The offer for beginning of talks with Afghanistan comes after that peace talks process has faced deadlock, this is not the first time that leader of Hezb-i- Islami willing to have talk with Afghan Government.

Political expert Arian Khaybar said,” Hekmatyar is the special agent for Pakistan ISI, and has never been loyal to peace and stability of Afghanistan, this is some kind of maneuver which is being launched when the peace talks goes into a complicated process.”

Meanwhile member of Hezb-i- Islami party Allah Gul Mujahid has urged that his affiliates are all the real Mujahedin, warning the Government of Afghanistan if this time the talks doesn’t take place, there will be a political campaign underway.”

High peace council adviser Ismail Qasimyar said,” demands of Hezb-i- Islami is too early, we need to sit down together and share mutual demands.”

This will be a very first time talks which will be held in between the Hezb-i- Islami and Afghanistan High peace council members,but its not clear whether this will take place or not?

Reported by Ali Asghari


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