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Hekmatyar Calls Kabul Attack Perpetrators ‘Mercenary Killers’  

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2017)

Hezb-e-Islami leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar on Friday slammed those behind the Kabul deadly attack as “mercenary killers” and reiterated restoration of peace in Afghanistan.  

Speaking to supporters during a gathering in Kabul, Hekmatyar called Kabul attack perpetrators “mercenary killers” who have “no faith in Allah (god) and have no sympathy for human beings.”

 “Many illiterate people think they could serve Islam through that way. Killing innocent people is not allowed in Islam,” Hekmatyar said.   

He reiterated his call on finding lasting solution for ensuring peace in Afghanistan.

“Our main task is to end the ongoing Afghanistan war. All our issues are caused by this war,” Hekmatyar added.

On Wednesday, at least 80 people were killed and Hundreds more were injured when a sewage tanker packed with explosives blew up near the entrance to Kabul’s secure Green Zone area.

Afghanistan’s Intelligence Agency has said that Taliban-affiliated Haqqani Network with assistance of Pakistan’s ISI were behind the attack. 

In response, President Ashraf Ghani has order execution of 11 Taliban and Haqqani Network commanders. 

Following the order, the Taliban insurgent group warned of increasing attacks against Afghan security forces in a statement. 

By Qiam Noori and Shakib Mahmud 

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