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Heavy Snow Falls Blocked off 9 District Routes to Badakhshan

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2017)

6Local officials in Badakhshan Province have expressed concerns over the 9 districts routes blocked off by the recent heavy snow falls saying the residents of the districts are experiencing lack of medicine and food, amid officials in department of Natural disaster announced readiness to distribute the aids for the residents in case of emergency situation.

Badakhshan Provincial council member Ahmad Basheer Samim said, “We demand the Central Government specially the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development and Ministry of Public works to launch necessary cleanup campaign of the routes connect districts to the main city of Badakhshan, more over what is important for the residents is to clear those districts of Badakhshan from the presence of insurgents.”

Head of the Natural Disaster Department of Badakhshan Abdullah Hamayoon Dahqan said, “ Both residents and the Department of the Natural Disaster take necessary measurements and bring huge amount foods and stock them all in determined places for emergency calls before snow falls in districts.”

Based on the information of the Badakhshan provincial council members heavy snow falls in caused one police man to die on the way from Ishkashim district to Sheghnan district and 3 other police forces were rescued by the local residents who had lost their way.

Local officials and the residents at Badakhshan province are pushing through to clean some of the routes covered with recent heavy snow falls.

Edited: Rahmatullah Muahid

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