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Health Official: Non-Standard Medical Companies, Hospitals Closed

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2015)


Ministry of Public Health closed about 160 companies supplying disqualified pharmaceutical and medical products to Afghanistan.

Officials started monitoring and evaluation of 54 private hospitals and a large number of companies supplying pharmaceutical products in capital Kabul. 40 foreign companies and 119 internal companies supplying medicine in Afghanistan were included in a black list after failing to pass the quality control test.

Health Minister Firuzuddin Firuz said,” 40 foreign companies were black listed and about 119 internal companies were disqualified by cancelling their licenses, they are not allowed to import medicine anymore”.

Having an equipped operation room, emergency room, professional and permanent employees, standard buildings, green area and transportation facilities were the standards for qualifying a private hospital.

Ali Sena, Spin Ghar, Madawa, Shamsul Rahman Torakai, Karim Rahman, Khuramee, Elaj, Gulab Ahmadzai and Faisal are nine hospitals closed today due to providing non-standard medical services,” Firuz said.

In addition, another 28 curative hospitals were changed to primary healthcare centers. Famous hospitals included in the list as well.

Twenty eight hospitals were changed to basic health diagnostic centers, they can promote to hospitals in another three months, if they could meet the required standards,” Firuz added.

Health Minister pledges to assign a commission to specify the amount of money being paid by patience as doctor’s fees for all private hospitals and health clinics in another one month.


Reported by: Hameed Sediqi

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