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Haqqani Network Uses Pakistan’s military facilities to Insecure Afghanistan: NDS

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2015)

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National Directorate Security (NDS) spokesman in a special interview with Ariananews said that Haqqani Network uses a wide variety of Pakistani military facilities to insecure Afghanistan.

NDS claims that Haqqani Network instructed by Pakistan has killed thousands of Afghans in its terrorist attacks.

The Haqqani network, a semi-autonomous arm of the Taliban, is one of the deadliest factions of the latter group; and the most financially diverse and sophisticated as well.

NDS spokesman noted that currently the network is planning most of its suicide attacks in direct cooperation with Pakistan to show the suspended presence of the armed opposition of the government in the country.

After President Ghani’s serious stance against Pakistan’s dual policy, NDS says there are enough evidences about Pakistan and Haqqani network that carry out and support terrorism in Afghanistan.

“The biggest evidence of Pakistan’s involevement in Afghanistan insecurity and killing of thousand of Afghans is the existence of Haqqani network which has training camps in its soil,” Hasib Sidiqi, spokesman of NDS said.

Afghanistan has often charged Pakistan and in particular its quest for “strategic depth” for undermining the country’s security and stability.

Pakistan’s foreign policy elite and the military are the most prominent actors in subverting Afghanistan’s security and stability.

Meanwhile, NDS emphasized that in addition to Haqqani network, Quetta Shura, Miran Shah Shura (council), Peshawar council have a widespread activities in Pakistan and carry out terrorist attacks against Afghan people and government.

After Mullah Omar’s death revealed that was declared dead two years ago, many controversies created among Taliban leaders. However NDS says that Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence ISI is trying to somehow revive the bankruptcy of Taliban.

The Haqqani network operates on both sides of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, and many believe it is based in Pakistan. The Haqqani network is allied with the Taliban.




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