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Gunmen killed deputy of Baghlan-Pole Khomri Company

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2014)

qatlUnidentified gunmen have executed the deputy of Baghlan- Pole Khomri Company by firing squad in Qale Fatullah area of Kabul.
The armed men wounded three of his men who were also in the car, officials said.
According to eyewitnesses, the armed men escaped after murdering and on that time that was not immediately clear who was behind the abduction.
The ministry of interior affairs confirmed the incident, saying police is trying to arrest the perpetrators of the incident.
NATO troops have trained up a 340,000-strong national police and army force in Afghanistan to fight against the Taliban and secure the country, but day-to-day security remains a struggle.
The incident took place Monday at 11 o’clock in one of the densely populated area of Kabul, Qale Fatullah.

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