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Gunmen briefly overrun Ghazni, Abduct 7 civilians

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2015)


At least seven civilians were kidnapped by unknown gunmen in Gharabagh district of Ghazni province, officials said.

Spokesman of Ghazni governor, Shafiq Nang confirmed the abduction, saying the abductees were on their way to Ghazni when armed men disembarked them from a vehicle and took them to an unclear location.

Ghazni’s geographic position is strategic; the main highway between the capital, Kabul, and the south’s main city of Kandahar runs through it.

Meanwhile, other sources were reported that a band of unidentified gunmen overran Jaghori district of Ghazni province, abducting at least 9 passengers, while they were on their way to Ghazni city.

Nang further added that the abductees of Jaghori area have also been taken to unknown location.

Such incidents are common in Ghazni districts that people cross while traveling to Kabul or Ghazni cities. However, what has been the more disturbing point about these bullying of ordinary people is the fact that most of Ghazni districts are home to people from Hazara ethnicity and the targeted abductions of the Taliban that has been cause for larger troubles in the area for years.

Since the insurgency intensified in 2007, the roads have become less secure and people are stopped regularly. Several have been killed or disappeared without any serious government attempt to provide security on the way.

This comes as Not only the government needs to pay serious attention to this issue by deploying security forces in the troubled areas, but all tribal elders, political leaders and members of parliament from Ghazni need to play their role in controlling the issue becoming a larger conflict.




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