Groundwater wastage threatens the life of people: President Special Envoy

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2015)


Special envoy of the President in reforms & good governance affairs has warned that unreasonable usage of groundwater have faced the country toward a humanitarian disaster.

Ahmad Zia Massoud, Special envoy of the President was speaking in the national groundwater conference has said that the level of groundwater have been decreased to two meters.

“We do not value these waters, a very huge humanitarian and social disaster will threat the live of people, during the last years people are digging deep wells and even they are using underground water for agriculture & irrigation, the water level have been decreased to two and half meters, and if it continues we will face underground water shortage in another five years,” Massoud said.

In addition, Water & Energy minister criticized the previous government water policy.

Ali Ahmad Osmani, Water & Energy minister said,” There are about 29 million cubic meter underground water and if we have the current negative decrease annually, our underground waters will be wasted in another fifteen years”.

Adding,” In our country, the government policy toward water resources has only focused on the surface waters not on the underground waters; if we are having negotiations with our neighbors we must raise the issues of underground waters too.”

Water & Energy minister warned contractor companies for negligence and unreasonable delays to build water and energy dams and insisted he will seriously follow these delays and will take action.


Reported by: Hameed Sediqi

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