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Greece blames Macedonia shuts border to Afghan refugees

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2016)


Greece has held protest over the closure of Macedonia border on Afghan migrants; citing its government will press Macedonia to reopen border to Afghan refugees.

Macedonia has closed its borders to Afghan refugees, which has lead Greece to suggest that the number of displaced people it houses would grow rapidly as more refugees are stranded between the two countries.

The reason that Macedonia has tightened its restrictions on refugees is because Serbia – a nation that sits along the Balkans migration route into the west – has done the same, according to Greece Police.

Dozens of desperate migrants have been risking their lives by trying to scramble across razor wire border fences in Greece after Macedonia refused to accept Afghan refugees.

Migrants vowed to take action against Macedonia after the country’s decision which left more than 8,000 stranded in Greece and created further tension on the border.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriations said to consider this action by Macedonia government a discrimination against Afghan migrants.

“We have taken serious diplomatic measures and we believe that we will solve the problems of illegal refugees,” said Greek minister of refugees.

Thousands of migrants were left stranded in Greece on Monday after Macedonia abruptly closed its border to Afghans, creating a fresh bottleneck as European countries scrambled to respond to the continent’s refugee crisis.

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