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Grand Consultative Peace Jirga Ends in Kabul

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2019)

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani remarked in the closing gathering of the Grand Consultative Peace Jirga on Friday, where he said all recommendations mentioned in the Jirga’s resolution will be implemented by the Afghan government.

He stressed that the Jirga’s resolution would become a major part of the peace policy and program of the Afghan government.

Ghani called on the Taliban militants group to declare a ceasefire during the holy month of Ramadan, adding “he is ready to implement the Peace Jirga’s demand for a ceasefire and the Afghan government is ready to take steps in this regard if the Taliban is ready for a ceasefire.”

Meanwhile, Ghani announced the release of 175 Taliban prisoners who have been in prison for years and called on the group to send its delegation in Kabul or any other part of the country to receive the prisoners.

At the end of the Peace Jirga, a 23-article resolution was also issued, mainly focusing on establishment of a ceasefire, prisoner exchange to build trust between the two sides, preservation of all Afghan’s rights including women’s rights, the launch of intra-Afghan dialogue, formation of a comprehensive peace negotiation team and reforming the High Peace Council’s (HPC) structure and activities.

It comes as about 3,200 delegates from across the country participated the loya jirga on peace in Kabul, where they discussed possible conditions for a peace deal with the Taliban.

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