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Gov’t Will Take New Measures for Safety of Journalists: CE Abdullah

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2018)

The government will take new measures for preventing militant attacks and safety of journalists in the country, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah said on Thursday at a funeral ceremony of 10 journalists killed in multiple attacks this week.

 At the ceremony,  the parents and families of the victims criticized the government over failure to maintain security of the journalists.

However, Abdullah said that the government is probing the recent suicide attacks that targeted journalists in the capital Kabul, adding that the government will take new measures for preventing such kind of attacks and ensuring safety of journalists in the country.

In response to a question that how the suicide attackers have entered the most protected area of the capital to target journalists. He said: “The incident should be assessed in a way so could it find out answer for this question that why and how it happened.”

Nargis Horakhsh, who works for 1TV as a reporter and lost one of her colleagues in Monday’s attack, criticized the government over failure to act responsibly for safety of journalists.

“I can’t trust on the government to deliver on its commitments and promises. After 17 years, the government is now thinking of how to protect the reporters who cover terror and war incidents,” she said.

In last two weeks, at least 11 journalists have been killed  and eight others wounded in Afghanistan which is worrying sign and a dark occasion in the history of Afghan media.

 “Its worrying that the level of casualties to journalists will increase this year,” said Sediqullah Tawidi, a member of Afghan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC).

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