Govt way behind to draw investments in Afghanistan: AISA

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2016)


Officials in Afghanistan investment supports agency AISA on Tuesday said National unity Government has left way behind drawing investments for boosting economy in the country.

They have demanded the Government to take practical steps towards stability of the economy.

Meanwhile CE Abdullah Abdullah has urged that necessary measurements have been taken to resolve the Afghan trade’s problems.

Head of the Afghanistan investments support agency Mohammad Qurban Haqjo said,” investors have not been supported for the past several years,they have been experiencing problems, no practical steps were taken to draw investments in the country.”

Deputy of chamber of commerce Khan jan Alkozai said,” there are three main problems which traders are facing,insecurity,corruption and no one pays attention on using the infrastructure for the benefits of the Nation.”

CE Abdullah Abdullah said,”there are obstacles but efforts have also been made, activities has been made on Transit section.”

However a number of traders still complaining from corruption,injustice, within the Governmental departments while processing their paper work.


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