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Gov’t Urged to Include Sadat Ethnicity in e-NIC

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2018)

Harrakat-e-Islami Afghanistan party on Sunday called on the government to write Sadat ethnicity in the new electronic National Identity Cards (e-NIC) and suggested the word “Afghanistani” as the national identity for all citizens.

Speaking at a press conference in Kabul, Sayed Mahdi Anwari the head of the political party said that Afghanistan’s Sadat ethnic group will never deny their identity and tie themselves with another ethnicity.

“Does President [Ghani] accept to change his identity and compromise it with other ethnic groups out of the ethnicities listed [in Afghanistan’s Constitution]?” Anwari asked.

Meanwhile, the electronic national identity card department said that the names of ethnic groups will be recorded based on the Constitution.

“Based on the Constitution, we have included the names of fourteen ethnic groups in our database,” said e-NIC spokesman Rohullah Ahmadzai. “Anyone whose applying for the e-Tazkira, must choose one out of the fourteen respected ethnic groups.”

This comes as earlier the Sadat ethnicity group warned of boycotting the process.

On May 3, President Ghani officially launched the distribution of e-NIC, but the country’s Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah strongly reacted and said the process does not have the needed recognition.

Recently, more than a hundred parliamentarians urged government to stop the distribution process of e-NIC and called the process illegal. The lawmakers suggested that e-NIC must be rolled out in line with the law ratified in 2015.

The main problem on the distribution of the e-NIC is the use of the word “Afghan” which many say is synonymous with Pashtun ethnic group. Most non-Pashtuns says the designation should not be imposed as a nationality on the entire population.

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