Gov’t to Launch Accessing Information Campaign: Murtazavi

(Last Updated On: September 24, 2016)

4President Deputy Spokesman Shah Hussein Murtazavi stated that the Government is willing to launch accessing information campaign in the near future and all the Governmental spokesmen/ Women are tasked to share the information with media in case of denying all correspondents could write complain letter.

He said,” Government of Afghanistan has decided along with the different media institutions to launch a campaign on accessing information, the safety of the correspondents should be maintained, and Government is willing to introduce one special representative to United Nations Organization related to this issue.”

Presidential palace has announced that all Governmental Spokesmen/ Women are responsible to provide information according to the correspondent questions anytime, in case of neglect and denying giving information correspondents could write complains.

President Deputy Spokesman ShahHussien Murtazavi said,” all the Governmental Spokesmen are obliged to provide information for correspondents, I demand the correspondents to complain about the Spokesman and share the information with us.”

He insisted that no restriction was added over using social media and the culture of using the social media should be respected fully.

Reported by Ali Asghari

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