Gov’t Signs Contract of Three Major Power Projects, Worth $80 Million

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2018)

Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherket (DABS) on Sunday signed three major projects in the planning and procurement process of Bamyan and central provinces with three foreign companies, worth $80 million.

DABS signed the contract for major development projects with three foreign companies including KEC, M/S XINJIANG Electric Power Construction Co LTD, and Shyama Power at the Presidential Palace.

Amanullah Ghalib, head of DABS told Ariana News that the practical work on the projects will start after two months and will complete within next 18 months.

According to DABS, the first contract worth $43.8 million, the extension of 220 KV transmission line, with the capacity of 300 MW from Dushi substation to the Bamyan city, with the length of 180 km, signed by KEC Indian Company.

The second contract was the construction of 220/20 KV substation with the capacity of 32 MW in Azhdar area of Bamyan province, which was contracted by Chinese M/S XINJIANG Electric Power Construction company, worth $11.6 million.

The third contract is the construction of Bamyan power network, worth $ 24.1 million, which connects 20,000 new subscribers to electricity and contracted with Shyama Power Indian Company.

The projects are financed by the Asian Developmental Bank. Building infrastructures particularly, farming, transportation, and energy are considered to be the fundamental contribution of Asian Developmental Bank in Afghanistan.

“The Asian Development Bank is honored to be Afghanistan’s leading partner in infrastructure, regional cooperation; and brings in-depth experience in relevant projects and in fragile and conflict-affected situations,” said Samuel Tumiwa, ADB Country Director for Afghanistan.

This comes as Afghanistan is among the countries in the region that heavily relies on imports of energy sources from the neighboring countries, mainly, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan.

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