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‘Gov’t Shouldn’t Let Peace Talks Face New Deadlock: MPs

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2018)

A number of Afghan lawmakers on Saturday said that the Moscow meeting has provided an opportunity for peace talks with the Taliban and that the government should not let the peace talks face new deadlock.

The second session of Moscow meeting was held on Friday in the Russian capital, where the Taliban reaffirmed their stance and called on the United States to fix a timetable for withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan before starting talks with Kabul government.

The Afghan government has not officially sent its representatives to Moscow meeting but members of a non-state organization – High Peace Council has attended the event.

Following the meeting, the members of Afghanistan’s Lower House welcomed the efforts of countries in the Afghan peace process and said that the government shouldn’t let the peace talks face another deadlock.

“The people of Afghanistan are welcoming the efforts of any country in Afghan peace process,” said MP Aryan Yon.

“We urge the international community and the Afghan government that shouldn’t remain silent against the killing of Afghan people. The people should be supported in tough situations,” said MP Mohammad Arif Rahmani.

The speaker of the house Mohammad Raouf Ibrahimi said that in the meeting proved that the Taliban are willing to make peace, but at the same time wanted to show their presence and power in Afghanistan.

This comes as the Afghan government has repeatedly called on the Taliban for intra-Afghan dialogue to end the 17-year-old conflict.

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