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Gov’t should change foreign policy against Pakistan: Mps

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2016)


Members at the lower house of the parliament have demanded the Government of Afghanistan to change its foreign policy towards neighboring countries specially Pakistan and it should also review the security draft plans for further security and stability of the country.

They have urged that Pakistan has been trying to interfere into Afghanistan’s affairs and has caused to halt Afghanistan from going forward, Government needs to launch necessary measurements to avoid such conspiracy.

Meanwhile scores of Afghan law makers have declared the highway security condition unacceptable asking the Government to launch seek better alternative way.

Secretariat of the house of the parliament AbdulRauf Anhme said,” Torkham clash indicated that Afghans are united against any invaders, We demand the Government to empower its foreign policy against Pakistan, caution needs to be taken, alternative pressure routes should be sought, because the only ways that Pakistan could exert pressure on Afghanistan is to shut its border gate.”

“ Emotions has been the biggest part of the Afghanistan foreign policy towards neighboring countries, this has caused to lose hundreds of men fighting against Pakistan, Government should purse this seriously to find good solution Member of the parliament Zaheer Saadat said,”

Mp Ghulam Sakhi Mashwania said,” Afghan Government doesn’t have the capabilities to resolve its problem with Pakistan, the following country impudently has not only invaded Torkham but also other major part of the Afghanistan.”

Speaker of the house Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi said,” Government is responsible to ensure security for the citizens, it should exert pressure on Pakistan through different channels to cut its hands.”

Law makers have insisted that Pakistan has never wanted a peaceful and stable Afghanistan, it has always created barriers for Afghanistan by supporting insurgency to stop Afghanistan going forward.

Reported by Rafi Sediqee

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