Gov’t Should Be Cautious In Decision-Makings Against Taliban: Senators

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2018)

A number of Afghan Senators at the Upper House of Parliament urged the government to proceed with caution in its decisions against the Taliban group.

Reports suggest that there is the possibility of government’s second ceasefire offer to Taliban in the upcoming Eid Al Adha, the second of two Islamic holidays also called the “Festival of Sacrifice”.

Senators declared if the Taliban group accepts the second ceasefire with the government, other terrorist groups will involve in war and the vulnerability of the past ceasefire should not be repeated again.

“There is the possibility of another ceasefire with the Taliban in Eid Al Adha. The security institutions must not allow any group to misuse the ceasefire,” Senator Najiba Hussaini said.

In the meantime, the first deputy speaker of the Senate House, Muhammad Alam Izadyar emphasized on stable and permanent ceasefire because of the new created terrorist groups.

“The regional intelligence has created new terrorist groups to expand terrorist activities in Afghanistan,” Izadyar asserted.

On the other hand, the chairman of Upper House, Fazlul Hadi Muslimyar stated that the ceasefire should not be unilateral.

“The opposition group misused the previous ceasefire and restarted war. We should not give them this opportunity next time,” Muslimayar added.

 Afghan Senators stressed that peace is a serious need for people and the government must find practical solutions to reach to a permanent peace in the country.

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