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Gov’t responsible for Kabul attack: Enlightening Movement

(Last Updated On: July 27, 2016)


Member of the Enlightening Movement have called the Government of Afghanistan responsible for losing of 81 protesters and injuring more than 250 others on 23 July, 2016 occurred in Kabul at Dahmazang square on Saturday, accusing the Government for destroying the crime signs from the scene, and not accepting the investigation launched by the special committee seeking the truth.

They have also warned that we are getting ready to launch advocacy and justice during the Brussels summit.

Members of the Enlightening Movement  have accused the Government for launching negotiation, but we have been cheated many times on not changing the direction of the 500 mega watt electricity through Bamyan, they have also urged that we have sent a note 72 hours early for the security departments to ensure security of the protestors, and the Government has neglected.

Senior member of the Enlightening Movement Ahmad Bahzad said,” Government is the main guilty, one committee should be established bearing International authority to review the following accusations.”

Meanwhile the member of the following movement Daud Naji said,” Government has destroyed all the signs of the crimes from the scene, this has increased our doubts.”

He also said,” Enlightening Movement and victims family members will not accept the results of the special committee investigating the facts of the terrorist attacks.”

“ We are preparing ourselves for launching justice within the International level to attend the Brussels summit but the Government of Afghanistan is trying to create barriers member of the Enlightening Movement Ahmad Behzad said,”

Despite of repeated efforts to get hold of the officials in Presidential palace to have their views over the established special committee and terrorist attack on 23 of July but couldn’t.

Reported by Fawad Nassiri

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