Gov’t Officials Directly Involved in Blazing War at Helmand: Qahraman

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017 8:35 pm)

1The Helmand Operational Military War Chief Abdul Jabar Qahraman told to Ariana News the current-previous officials from the central-Local Government are directly involved in blazing war at Helmand province, based on his remarks the money for the contracts, selling of fuel, ammunitions of the forces, and salaries of the ghost soldiers are going into the pockets of the High ranking and local Governmental officials.

He said, “ Fake military Generals, Ministers of Defense and Interior Affairs, Chiefs of National Security Directorates, are involved in current war in Helmand, their interests are hidden to this war, war should be continued, all of them are robbers.”

Sources told to Ariana News that the interests of the Officials are in the continuation of war of Helmand, according to sources the major part of the money from the contracts of the Afghan forces in Helmand are robbed by the Governmental officials, in second part, the major amount of money from the fueling of the Afghan security forces are going into Governmental officials pockets, and on the third part the salaries of the Ghost soldiers are divided among the local and central Governmental officials, and in the fourth part selling of ammunition is counted a good income sources for some officials, and in the fifth part the interests  of some of the officials in drugs traffic which is also counted as good income and good factor for blazing of war in Helmand.

One soldier also said, “Likely the Government has hands in it, if not they would distribute it, see we are on watching shift under the rain and on the mad.”

Since one year 40 Afghan delegation including the President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani visited Helmand and reviewed the security condition but the security condition of the province experienced no positive changes.

President Ghani said, “We will not allow your ammunition, Uniforms, Foods to be robbed, and the Mafia circles to ruin your rights.”

Selling Weapons, ammunition, Uniforms and foods of the Afghan security forces in the front line of Helmand is not new issue for all soldiers, they believe that Government does not want to decrease war in Helmand.

Reported: By Bais Hayat

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