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Gov’t Hospitals in Kabul Can’t Meet Demands: Health Minister

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)

Feruzuddin Feruz, the Minister of Public Health says the government hospitals in Kabul cannot meet demands of the residents in terms of providing better services. 

In spite of millions of dollars being provided by the international community, the government hospitals in Kabul lacks quality healthcare services.

Feruz confirmed that there has not been enough heed on the healthcare system of the hospitals in country. He said most of the provided funds being spent on buildings of the hospitals, initial services and vaccination.

“Hospitals with less facilities are mostly the government ones,” Feruz said.

Lack of medical instruments, accurate diagnoses and quality medicines are the main challenges which the government hospitals coping with.

The health minister, however, stated that they have outlined a plan aimed at raising capacity of the hospitals for providing better healthcare services in the country.

This comes as lack of standardized healthcare system, is forcing the Afghans to spend millions of dollars in outside of the country – including India and Pakistan – for medical treatment

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