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Gov’t Had Information About Fall of Kunduz: Governor

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2016)

kundoz-ali-_17-_10_2016_-dari-sot-mpg_snapshot_01-03_2016-10-18_17-20-42The governor of Kunduz province has claimed that the Presidential Palace and Security Council were aware of the fall of Kunduz.

“I have informed the security council about all threats before the fall of Kunduz,” said Asadullah Omar Khail, Kunduz governor.

But the Presidential Palace says that they have not received any report about the fall of Kunduz.

“We have not received any report about the threats before the fall Kunduz,” said Dawa Khan Mina Pal.

The Security Council has not commented regarding the issue so far.

More than 15 days passed since the beginning of war in Kunduz and Afghan security forces are fighting against the Taliban to wipe them out from the province.

Taliban fighters launched an assault on Kunduz about two weeks ago but the city center had been cleared of militants.

This comes as Up to 24,000 residents flee Kunduz over ongoing clashes.

Kunduz is now officially under the control of the Afghan government, but the  Internally displaced People (IDP) are still reluctant to go back to their city. They say they don’t feel safe there due to a persistent Taliban threat and an ongoing fighting in the areas close to the city.

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