Gov’t Fails to Meet Challenges: MPs

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2017)

mpsThe government of Afghanistan has been unable to prevent enemies plots as it has sacrificed the national interest and will of people for the sake of its weak policies, a number of Afghan lawmakers said on Saturday.

“The government neglects its main responsibilities. Forgetting the nation, the leaders are involved in minor issues. Legally they are responsible to create the basic lines of the government based on the national interest,” Fawzia Kofi, a member of Afghan parliament representing Badakhshan province criticized.

As the crisis increase in the National Unity Government (NUG) day by day, the people also start complaining.

Mullah Tara Khail Mohammadi, another member of the Afghan parliament who is representing the Afghan nomads said,” fundamental works should be done in the country and the gap between the people and government should be eliminated. The challenges will continue to increase as far as concrete solutions haven’t been found”.

Meanwhile, the House Speaker warned about the rise of ethnic and religious tensions and accused the government for negligence.

“The enemies of Afghanistan are fueling the religious issues and they have plotted these kind of tensions. Unfortunately, the government has paid less attention to prevent these plots and the continuation of these issues will take the country into a new crisis,” the House Speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi said.

Lawmakers emphasized that the country will not experience stability unless the government implement the people’s will to eliminate the corruption and launch a huge counter-insurgency plan.

Reported by: Rafi Sediqi

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