Gov’t Fails in Fight against Human Trafficking: Religious Scholars

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2018)

A number of religious scholars and civil activists have criticized the government, saying it fails in fighting against human trafficking and “Bacha Bazi” practice.

“The Bacha Bazi practice has an ancient history on this country. This unjustified act is contrary to human nature. Our religious doctrines condemn this as a big crime,” Mawlavi Wasiq, a religious scholar said.

Sumaya, a civil acitivist asserted, “Unfortunately nowadays we witness that no measures have been taken and there are many shortcomings.”

Meanwhile, a law enforcement workshop has been held to track down human trafficking and Bacha Bazi practice in order to find a suitable way to prevent these phenomenon in Afghanistan.

“The first machine or database of human trafficking victims has been created in the top ten key Afghan provinces and our focus are more on the border provinces,” Nayef Reyazat, head of fighting commission against human trafficking added.

Insecurity, poverty and illiteracy are considered as the major factors of human trafficking and Bacha Bazi in Afghanistan.

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