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Gov’t Excludes Dustom from National Decision-Makings: VP Office

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2018)

The first Vice-President’s office on Monday criticized the government for limiting its authorities, saying it had no role in the national decision makings since the last nine months.

Afghan first Vice-President, Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum has been in Turkey since last May when he left for medical treatment amid accusations that he ordered a political rival to be tortured and sexually abused.

“In terms of authority, we have no role in decision makings. The government has separated the first President’s office like an island. There is no consultation with us on any issue which is the absolute right of the first Vice-President’s office,” said Enayatullah Babur Farahmand, the chairman of VP office.

Gen. Dustom has earlier also lamented that no one seeks his advice, despite his long experience and his role in securing President Ghani’s presidency in the past.

Based on the Afghan constitution, the first Vice-President takes the government’s control in the absence of President. However, despite President Ghani’s large number of trips and absence, no one has still witnessed Dostum’s role over the government.

“The key government officials do not want the first Vice-President return’s to the country. They consider him as bothersome for their plans,” Farahmand added.

Dostum was publicly accused of brutality and rape by a former governor and political rival, Ahmad Eschi, who charged that he had held him captive in a rural stronghold and ordered him sodomized with a military rifle.

The allegation thrust the National Unity Government into a tense predicament.

“President’s decision is based on a conspiracy and removal strategy which is contrary to the constitution,” said Masoud Tarashwal, the chairman of Afghanistan Political and Legal Studies Center.

Ariananews reporter has repeatedly attempted to have the Presidential Palace’s view, but they refused to comment regarding the issue.

This comes as during nearly nine months of exile in Turkey, the allegations against Gen. Dostum has triggered a political crisis that has engulfed Afghanistan.

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