Gov’t Attempts to ‘Return’ Afghan Scholars from Pakistani Religious Schools

(Last Updated On: November 17, 2017)

Officials in the Ministry of Hajj and Religious affairs reporting on attempts to return Afghan religious scholars from neighboring Pakistan.

According to the officials, those Afghans who are studying in Pakistani religious schools are being misused and trained by the country’s intelligence agency against their own people.

“Under the name of Madrassas and trainings the regional countries are misusing from this opportunity and seducing [Afghan students],” said religious scholar, Shamsul Rahman Frotan.

The Afghan Defense Ministry is also expressing concerns about the existence of religious schools in Pakistan beside the terrorists hideouts.

“Pakistan should not provide safe sanctuaries for terrorists inside its soil. It is very important that terrorists should not be funded and equipped and at the same time terrorists centers such as Shuras of the Quetta, Miranshah and Peshawar must be closed,” said Defense Ministry Deputy Spokesman, Mohammad Radmanish.

This comes as earlier reports emerged on the increasing links of some Madrassas – Islamic seminaries – in Pakistan with Afghan Taliban who are fighting the Afghan government and U.S.-led international forces in Afghanistan.

According to Afghan intelligence officials, thousands of unregistered Madrassas are currently operating across Pakistan and are teaching grounds and recruiting points for militants and Taliban.

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