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Gov’t Addressed 20 Cases of Violence Against Journalists for First Time

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2017)

Journalist_Dead-750x500.jpg.pagespeed.ce.n-k8k1REDWAfghanistan Supporting Open Media-NAI praises government’s efforts that addressed 20 cases of violence against journalists for the first time.

NAI calls government’s measures a good step but said it is not enough and demanded more efforts for addressing the cases.

CEO of NAI, Mujib Khelwatgar said, “we have more than 500 cases of violence against journalists which should be addressed. But the government addressed only 20 of them which is not acceptable.”

Journalists urge the government to pay more attention to the cases of violence against journalists.

One of the journalists, Naziya Hashemi said, “media outlets are considered as the fourth power. This is not enough and serious measures need to be taken in future.”

NAI also expressed concern over the poor quality of internet services. Khelwatgar noted that Afghanistan’s internet is 400 times expensive than the other development countries.

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