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Government’s authority channel money to code-91 taken away

(Last Updated On: January 21, 2020)

The Afghan parliament’s financial and budget commission dismissed the Afghan government from channelling money to the emergency code-91. Imbalance in developmental projects is another issue that the government has to resolve.

The parliament is supposed to include the budget draft of the fiscal year in their Wednesday agenda.

This comes as the financial and budget commission of the lower house underlined that their amendments regarding the budget draft should be considered by the government.

The commission added that the government’s authority in adding money to the code-91 has been taken away.

The secretary of the Parliament Financial and Budget Commission says, “We use our legal power and ban the government from channelling money to code 91 as well as there are amendments in the budget allocation, especially to the health and education sectors. If the legal adjustments in the budget draft are not met by the government, the budget draft may be rejected.” 

This comes as some of the lawmakers underscore that the imbalance in the budget draft and marginalization of some provinces concerning the developmental projects are direct violations of the people’s rights.

“Every year, the budget gets controversial because of inequity. Some of the provinces get more projects than others. These should be considered by the government in order to get the budget draft approved,” said MP Fatima Aziz.

“The financial budget draft was presented to the lawmakers had three main problems, one of the problems was the imbalance in developmental projects,” said MP Halima Sadaf Karimi.

On the other hand, the Financial and Budget Commission states that considering all the amendments, the government will make a new draft, and if the new draft does not address the shortcomings, the MPs will take action.

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