Government Under Sharp Criticism As Violence Increases Countrywide

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2017)

Afghan Parliament on Saturday strongly criticized the government over failure to maintain security and ensure safety of the citizens in the country, called for “national mobilization”.

The heads of security agencies including acting ministers of Interior & Defense and chief of NDS were summoned to Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of the Parliament) on Saturday over the sharp rise in violence in recent month across the country.

“The recent terrorist attacks are out of the Taliban’s ability,” said MP Zahir Qadir. “All incidents being well planned.”  He claimed that certain groups inside the government being involved behind all the incidents.

“The government and system do not have the ability to preserve the people’s right, ” said Nahid Farid, MP  from Herat. “It is unfortunate that the government has not suggested the plan of national mobilization to the people.” 

Addressing Saturday’s session, the Acting Defense Minister, Tariq Shah Bahrami requested the meeting be held behind closed doors due to “military and intelligence issues.”

“We want to honestly share information about all security issues, but our request is that this meeting should be held secretly,” Tariq Shah Bahrami said.

The criticism comes as the Taliban  increased scale of attacks in different parts of the country, targeting numerous government facilities and military compounds which claimed lives of dozens of the people in the past week.  

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