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Government Reduces Fuel Tax Up to 50 Percent

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2017)

Finance Ministry has decreased the fuel tax from 12 percent to six percent in order to stabilize and reduce the fuel and gas prices in the markets, officials  at the  ministry said Thursday. 

The Deputy Head of Customs in the Ministry of Finance, Najibullah Wardak, said: “We have decreased the tariffs from 12 percent to six percent and that could reduce fuel prices in the country.”

He announced that companies are now allowed to import petrol A80, a high-quality fuel, which was banned in the past.

“The move will reduce the prices and will prevent the oil smuggling,” said Walid Tamim, the Director General of Afghanistan Fuel and Liquid Gas Enterprise.

According to Finance Ministry, the import of fuel in the country is being increased. Its imports rise to 500 thousand tons each year on average. Currently, the country needs four million metric tons of fuel. 

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