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Gov. Takes New Measures to Prevent External Products Trafficking

(Last Updated On: May 26, 2019)

The Afghan government takes new measurements to prevent trafficking of the external products into the country.

“Stopping the external products trafficking will result in rising of the internal products,” says the private sector while it appreciates this action.

According to the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI), trafficking of the external products to the markets has created many challenges for the merchants in the country.

As said by the officials in the ACCI, President Ghani has promised to build security stations in five zones of the country in order to prevent trafficking of the external products.

“There are both internal and external products trafficking. To prevent these, President Ghani, in meeting with the officials in the Ministry of Interior Affairs (MIA), has promised to build security stations in the vulnerable locations of the country,” said Jalaluddin Saed, chief of the Afghan-German Economic Council.

Meanwhile, experts stress of eradicating challenges from Afghanistan Customs and Revenue Department (ACRD) first in order to implement this action of the government; while they consider this action advantageous to the country’s economic. 

“Serious measures are needed to preclude the trafficking. This would be advantageous to the economics of the country,” said Kamaluddin Kamal, an economic expert.

This comes as the lack of attention by the Ministry of Finance to the country’s customs department and the existence of corruptions have caused the increase of trafficking of external products into the country.

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