Gilani’s Case Still In Limbo Despite Long Wait

(Last Updated On: May 21, 2018)

Nearly two months have passed since the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) summoned the head of the National Solidarity Movement of Afghanistan, Sayed Ishaq Gailani, over his controversial remarks but his case is still in limbo.

During a speech in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad, Gailani claimed that the Afghan government has paved the way for India to use Afghan soil against Pakistan.

The National Directorate of Security (NDS) called Gilani’s remarks against the national interest of the country and the AGO opened a case against him.

AGO spokesman Jamshid Rasuli on Monday said: “Our colleagues are investigating the issue. Once the investigations finalized, the result will be shared with the media”.

Meanwhile, lawyers say the impunity culture and political interference in the judicial organs may have affected over Gilani’s case.

“In the [Afghan] judicial institutions, the legal proceedings have been affected based on political interference and figures influence,” said Ainuddin Bahaduri, a member of Afghanistan’s Lawyers Union.

On April 3, When Gailani was summoned by AGO he defended his remarks in favor of Pakistan and warned that “the country will burn down” if he was kept “more than ten minutes” in AGO.

“We emphasize that the issue will be investigated objectively and in accordance with the law and the decision will be made based on the justifications and documents,” Rasuli added.

The National Unity Government has opened many cases including the financial scandal at Kabul Bank, Vice President Dostum’s sexual assault case against Ahmad Ischi, the Smart City Township debacle, corruption allegations against the House Speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi and Gailani’s controversial remarks and dozens of other cases, but has been unable to announce the final result of any of these cases.

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