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Ghor Protest Enters its 11th day, Protesters Warn of Conquering Gov’t Organs

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2017)

Protest in northern Ghor province continued for a eleventh consecutive day on Monday; the protesters warned of conquering the government institutions.

Protesters demand construction of the Herat-Ghor-Kabul highways road and Puza Leech dam as well as supply of electricity in the province.

The President’s Senior Advisor on Provincial Affairs pledged of constructing 40 kilometers road from Herat-Ghor-Kabul. But it was rejected by protesters.

The government has sent a delegation to assess the situation and address the demands of the residents, however; the Provincial Council’s Chief warned they will not allow the delegate to return unless their demands were being properly addressed.

“We respect the envoy who visited [the province], but if he did not give satisfactory response, we will not allow him to leave us,” said PC Chief, Fazal-ul-Haq Ehsan.

Protesters also warned of shutting doors of government organs in the province if their demands were not being addressed.

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