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Ghani’s Aides Accused of Interfering in IEC Recruitments

(Last Updated On: June 20, 2019)

A senior member of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Thursday accused the presidential palace of interfering in IEC recruitments.

Mawlana Abdullah, a member of the IEC said that there is a collusion between President Ghani’s aides and the chief secretariat of the IEC.

“There are some specific circles in the President’s office who are accelerating our illegal works while they are creating obstacles in front of our legal works and we have evidence for both,” Mawlana Abdullah said.

Meanwhile, a number of presidential candidates also accuse Ghani’s office of interfering in the IEC affairs.

Assadullah Sadati, a running-mate of the Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah said that the announcement of Kabul parliamentary election result was a direct interference of Ghani’s office in the affairs of the election bodies.

In addition, Yousuf Rasheed, the Chief Executive of a Kabul-based electoral monitoring organization criticized IEC for acting biased on the recruitment process.

The Presidential palace denied making a comment in this regard.

This comes as the Afghan presidential election is scheduled to be held on September 28 this year.

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