Ghani: We Will Win the Ongoing War and Politics

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)

President Ashraf Ghani says no enemy of Afghanistan will succeed to reach their ominous goals and promises that his country will win the war and politics against its enemies in the region.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of more than 5,000 officers from Marshal Fahim military academy, Ghani said without the resistance of Afghan forces, they have limited chance to win the diplomacy.

“In the past, we always won the battle grounds but failed in the politics, but now we will win both,” Ghani said.

Meanwhile, Ghani promised that he will not allow anyone to misuse the Afghan security forces.

“The legitimate use of force must be limited only to the Afghan national defense and security forces,” he emphasized. ” In the future, we will not allow anyone to threaten someone or use force.”

At the same event, the Afghan defense minister, Tariq Shah Bahrami assured that Afghan army has no affiliation with any political movements in the country.

“I call on everyone of you to be honest, loyal and committed to the national interests of your country,” Bahrami told the army officers. “You must be disciplined, brave and patriot officers.”

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