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Ghani Warns States Supporting Terrorist Networks on Isolation

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2017)

President Ashraf Ghani says those countries which see their continuation in annihilation of Afghanistan and in the existence of terrorist groups will be isolated.

“Afghanistan is under attack by hate, frustration and violence networks and these networks must be eliminated in our century. The people and countries that see their continuation with supporting such networks must realize that they are isolating themselves,” President Ghani said while addressing the Sixth Silk Road Mayors Forum in Kabul.

Pointing to the recent attacks in the country, the  President said there is not power in the world which will be able to defeat Afghans.

In addition, Ghani related the peace and stability in the region and the world with peace and stability in Afghanistan.

According to him, terrorist groups and their supporters are now under heavy pressure and are going toward the isolation.

“Those networks which seek destruction see their own destruction. They understand that they cannot defeat us in the battleground. They understand that from now onward these networks and their supporters will be under heavy pressures; therefore, they are performing political suicide bombing,” he stated.

By Elaha Omari & Hesamuddin Hesam

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