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Ghani visits Abu Dhabi to negotiate with Taliban

(Last Updated On: January 12, 2015)


Ariananews found documents that indicates President Ashraf Ghani will have a trip on Tuesday to Abu Dhabi to negotiate with armed Taliban group.
A list of twenty four will accompany President Ghani to this trip.
The list is as following:
Ahmad Zia Masood, President’s special advisor in reforms and good governance
Muhammad Khan, first deputy of the chief of executive officer
Muhammad Hanif Atmar, national security advisor
Abdul Islam Rahimi, head of administration affairs
Atiqullah Atefmal, acting minister of foreign ministry
Mustafa Mastoor, acting minister of finance ministry
Masoom Stanikzai, head of High Peace Council secretariat
Faizullah Zaki, Head of first deputy assistant
Najibullah Mujadadi, Afghanistan ambassador to Abu Dhabi
Abdul Ali Muhammadi, President’s political advisor
Dawood Sultanzai, President’s advisor
Nazifullah Salarzai, spokesman of president
Ajmal Ghani, President’s advisor
Qasem Halimi, President’s advisor
Ajmal Ahmadi, President’s advisor
Farid Zakaria, former Afghanistan ambassador to United Emirate
Zaman Etimadi, Emcee of foreign ministry
Ahmad Jamil Bahrami, head of Presidential guard
Qasim Ludin, Sepcial advisor to National Security Council
Zaki Bashari, staff of state department procedures
Muhammad Dawood Tayeb, Presidential office staff
Ajaml selab, Secretary of high representative of President
Kalimullah Saraj, assistant of first deputy of chief of executive officer


In addition the press team includes 3 people and the security team includes seven.



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