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Ghani Urges ISI Chief to Clarify Actions, Intentions Against Terrorists

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2017)

Ghani ISIPresident Ashraf Ghani turns down Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) chief’s invitation of Pakistan visit, saying  he will not travel to Pakistan ‘until Islamabad has clarified its actions and intentions.

A government source told Ariananews that President Ghani has asked ISI chief, Navid Mukhtar to take measures against 32 terrorist centers and 85 terrorist groups in Pakistan’s soil.

The source further added Ghani warned Pakistan that if violence not reduced up to the next month, there will be no need for the two countries’ officials meeting.

Spokesman of Executive Office, Jawid Faisal said, “The important issue is practical action for us. We would not ease the relations if Pakistan does not take practical steps and fulfill its commitments.”

The Afghan government provided a list of 32 terrorist centers and 85 Taliban commanders activating in Pakistan soil to Pakistani officials.

Afghan officials says sanctuaries on Pakistani soil are helping the Taliban prolong its insurgent activities in their country.

Afghan people have repeatedly blamed Pakistan for the continuing deadly violence in the country but Islamabad has also rejected the allegation every time.

By: Muhammad ZackArya

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