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Ghani urges Afghans to stop abandoning country

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2016)


Amid steep rise in the number of Afghan citizens abandoning the country mainly due to growing instability, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said he has no sympathy for the citizens for fleeing the country.

In an interview with BBC, President Ghani said “We have to make commitment, 549 young men and women graduated from the military academy, 13 of them women. They are making a commitment to defend this country, others on whom we have spent, tens of hundreds of millions of dollars want to leave under the slightest pressure.”

President Ghani questioned the perspective of the Afghan citizens leaving the country with an aim to find better place to take refuge.

He said he has no sympathy for the migrants leaving the country as they are breaking the social contract when leaving the country, insisting that countries cannot survive by their best attempting to flee.

“My goal is to make sure that my people live with dignity with hope and with determination,” Ghani said, admitting that the country is facing instability as it has become a platform of war for regional and global war.

He said the war among the Afghan people is a small component of the ongoing instability in the country, emphasizing the country is not facing a civil war but it is the foreign terror networks destabilizing the country, including al-Qaeda network which President Ghani says is fully alive in Afghanistan.

In response to a question regarding the growing power of Taliban group in Afghanistan, President Ghani said the group’s strength is growing due to the regional support which is intact, without elaborating further from whom the group is receiving regional support.

The Afghan officials have long been criticizing Pakistan for supporting the Taliban group by providing them with shelters from where they coordinate and launch attacks in Afghanistan.

However, President Ghani said considerable developments have been made on paper with Pakistan in a bid to end the undeclared state of war and hostility between the two nations.

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